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Spider Photos - Basilica Orb Weaver Spider (Mecynogea lemniscata)

In contrast with the flat webs of the orchard spiders, the webs of most of Basilica Orb Weaver spiders fill a three-dimensional space and no two threads seem to be in the same plane. They often are found in groups in contiguous webs. Maybe they get their common name from this web structure. They do not weave orb-shaped webs; Willey, Johnson and Adler say that although some have argued that they should be assigned to the Linyphiidae family on the basis of similarity of web construction; giving greater weight to anatomical structure and behavior as critera led to their Araneidae classification.  Please choose a section below for more spiders.
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Reply: Looks like a basilica orb weaver species - glen

24 December, 2013:
This spider is in our garden in cape Town .it lives outside in a Basil bush which flowers and attracts lots of bees ,so it probably feeds on bees . Is this spider dangerous to humans as small children use the garden . Many thanks for any help Tony


Reply: I think these are Basilica Orb Weaver egg sacs (Mecynogea lemniscata) - glen

7 July, 2010:
Dear Sir It is an honor to have found you. We do have hot humid climate on coastal shores of Mobile Bay usually all summer they are large banana spiders but this egg mass w/ guard has me stumped. With the oil spill and our nerves being shot I don't need this to worry about Sincerely Shirley



Reply: I think these are Basilica Orb Weaver Spider (Mecynogea lemniscata) - glen

5 July, 2010:
Hi Glenn, Can you ID these spiders (in the attached PDF photo file) for me? I've looked at lots of photos online and don't see anything that's a real good match. They were found in SW Florida. Thanks, John



21 August, 2006:
Hi - Found this one in the rosemary bush and didn't see it your collection of images and was just wondering if I missed it.
Sincerely,  Frank in East Tennessee