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Great Spider Photos  - Argiope Laying Eggs

Copyright Notice: All photos to this page are copyright to their owners. They may not be reproduced or copied without express permission from their owners. Please contact me by email if you need to contact the contributors.

Thanks to Joe Hollner for these great shots of a female black and yellow argiope laying her eggs. First she builds a silk case to keep them in, and then lays them, covered in the yellow liquid, into the case. Finally, nearly exhausted after working all night,  she covers that with layers and layers of silk until it is all enclosed and safe to wait for next Spring to hatch out hundred of spiderlings.

Then soon she will end her life cycle and die as Winter approaches. I also have a couple of fantastic videos of this spider, sent to me by Joe. Video 1 (8,992Kb) Video 2 (16,321Kb)

Finally finished her task!!

Here's another one in the bushes, covering her egg sac.