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Spider Photos -  Argiope Appensa

Here's some photos of Argiope Appensa. Argiope appensa is a spider that occurs on several islands in the Western Pacific Ocean. It has been introduced to Hawai'i, and is found on Taiwan and New Guinea. It inhabits a wide variety of habitats, from coasts to forests. Females reach a body length of up to 7 cm and are strikingly black and yellow, while the brown males reach only about 2 cm.  In Hawai'i they are referred to as Hawaiian garden spiders'. On Guam, where Argipoe appensa is ubiquitous, it is frequently visited by Argyrodes argentatus. Locals there refer to them as banana spiders. Following the introduction of the brown tree snake and the subsequent extinction or near-extinction of many of the island's small birds, spider populations on Guam exploded in response to decreasing predation and competition. This species was used in episode "Exposé" of the Lost TV series, which is filmed on location in Hawai'i. It is there named Latrodectus regina (or Medusa Spider), a fictional species of widow spider, in the family Theridiidae. The "males" that run for the female are also females, as the males are much smaller. Wikipedia.
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10 July, 2014:
Dear Glen, Me again, …see what I captured (with my camera) this morning in south-east Nigeria, similar to the ones of Greg (26 feb 2012). What is the diagonal line in the web for? Pixs are for your collection, if you want it. Regards Delondiny.

Click for a larger view

19 June, 2014:
I took this pic last year on Kauai at a coffee plantation. Don

Click for a larger view

19 June, 2014:
I found this spider in the hills of Kawaii Hawaii. It was BIG. There was a small spier near it (a male?). It had a large Y and several “tiles” of colors on its body and a yellow ring around the the end thing on its abdomen.

Click for a larger view

10 June, 2013:
Taken on Kauai in May, 2013. Gorgeous and large..What is it?

Click for a larger view

28 September, 2011:
Glen, I came across your site, and I’m hoping you can tell me for sure what this is? I took it on the southeast side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Thanks. Lori

Click for a larger view

13 March, 2011:
In Maui and had a chance to get these great pics. I think they are Argiopes.. Robert
Click for a larger view

15 October, 2010:
Hello Glen, I've seen Argiopes appensa around for years now but typically they spin no more than 4 zig zags or less, even none. This is the first time I ran across one that had spun 5 zig zags. This is in the subdivision of Waa Waa in Pahoa, Hawaii at about 220' elevation. I ran across your web site and thought you might like to share these photos on your site. You're welcome to use them on your site. Aloha, Mike.
Click for a larger view


8 April, 2010:
Hi Glen, I hope your website is still active, as I took this picture of this spider while vacationing in Maui in February 2010. We stopped at the Kaukini Gallery on the road to Hana and I happened by it while looking for birds and flowers to photograph. I sent a picture of scenery and I photographed the spider in the bushes on the right side of the picture. Can you identify this spider for me? Thanks, Linda

9 April, 2009:
Glen, Please help us to identify this spider. My family and I were recently on vacation on Oahu and found this spider living on the outside of the screen room of the house we were renting. He was approximately 2 ½ inches diagonally from leg tip to leg tip. I am one of the many people who are afraid of spiders, mainly due to a bite which I reacted badly to as a child. This spider stayed on the outside of our house for the entire week we were there. He usually stayed on top of the “X” he had woven into his web. I wasn’t crazy about sharing our house with him, however as long as he was still on his web I knew he hadn’t moved inside with us. I tried to ID him while we were there, but we were unable to do so. We named him Scary Bob Spider Pants since he looked a little like Sponge Bob. Thanks for your help, Dee

Click for a larger view

12 January, 2008:
Good evening,
I was in hawaii 4 years ago, and i took a photo (ATTACHED) of an exotic 4 legged spider in which i cannot seem to find the name of or description of, Was wondering if you could help identify, thanks,

16 March, 2007:

31 January, 2007:

8 September, 2006:
Hi Glen,
I recently came across your site and wanted to know if you could confirm if the first photo contains 2 Black and Yellow Argiopes? I apologize for the blurry second photo, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could advise what kind of spider this is. I found many of these large spiders hanging from a beach washroom in Oahu, Hawaii. Instead of webs, they appeared to weave 4 large white coils in the shape of an X. Thanks very much.  Tracy


27 February, 2006:
We've just moved here to the island of Guam, and these spiders are found all over our palm and magnolia trees in the front and back yards where my children play. Locals and others have referred to them as banana
spiders, but upon looking up the banana spider, it looks nothing like this. I just want to know if these are potentially dangerous or aggressive since my kids will be nearby.
I've looked extensively online and around here to figure out what they are to no avail. Could you please help? Thank you!
Brian Mayhew



24 April, 2010:
what kind is it? In Hawaii

Click for a larger view

2 December, 2008:
Aloha, While hiking deep in the jungle on Kauai recently, My friend and I stumbled across an unusual spider. With legs extended it was about 5". I have lived here over 20 years and had never seen this species before. I tried to identify it on the web but can't seem to find any info on it. Below is a photo I took. Can you identify it for me. Mahalo Rick