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Unidentified Spider Photos 2017

Disclaimer: Replies that I publish are done so with no guarantee of authenticity or validity. Please DO NOT rely on identifications from any other than an official source like a Museum or entomologist. Furthermore, where a spider is described as  "not dangerous" does not mean that it doesn't bite or cause a reaction. Any spider can bite and some people react differently to others, so it's best to treat all spiders with caution. That doesn't mean of course, going around killing them!!! Leave them alone and they will leave you alone - we are NOT spider prey and they don't jump in out mouths while we are asleep or attack unprovoked! Most countries only have one or two spiders that are considered really dangerous to humans, there are thousands of spiders that aren't!!

Here's some photos sent in by viewers. Many thanks for allowing me to use these photos. PLEASE ONLY SEND IN CLEAR PHOTOS AND PREFERABLY THE TOP VIEW OR I CANNOT ID IT FOR YOU!!!  IT IS ALSO HELPFUL IF YOU INCLUDE WHERE YOU LIVE, WHERE YOU FOUND THE SPIDER e.g. INSIDE OR OUTSIDE AND IF IT HAD A WEB OR NOT. I'm getting lots of mobile phone pics and many are just wasting my time and yours as I can't see any details in them!! All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. If anyone can help with identifying those that people have asked about, please email me so I can pass the info on. I have made 2 pages - Common spiders Australia and Common spiders USA, where you might see your spider if you are in Australia or USA. Please check this out before emailing me. Click here for a map showing the location of some of the dangerous spiders found in the USA. Rick Vetter has put out a great guide for identifying hobo spiders which is one of the common dangerous spiders in the US. Click here.

Click here for
some photos sent in by one of my viewers with a lot of nice photos. I'll try and ID the ones I know but there are a few different ones there that I am not familiar with. If you can help with an ID please email me. Click the photos for a larger view and ID.

If you are in Queensland, you could try the Qld Museum's identifying spiders page. It's great! A new page is the Brisbane Insect and Spiders page. Another site to identify spiders from is Bug Guide which has some nice photos of American spiders on it and a new one I just found from Cirrus on Common American spiders, which has lots of photos. for European ones try Ed Nieuwenhuys' pages. This page has some spiders from South Africa as I seem to be getting more requests from that part of the world. Another new page is the Find a Spider Guide Page  from the University of Southern Queensland. Many thanks to Richard Adams, Paul Day, Nathan Hepworth, Brian Post and Josh Hillman, FloridaNature.org for their many identifications. Please choose a section below.
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Reply: Not sure about this one- glen

28 May, 2017:
Hi, I've found this guy sitting on the wall of an outside fireplace. As it was sitting there it was about 3 - 4cm, stone/grey-white of colour. It had I single spike on it'd back. Can you identify it please? Kind Regards Sharon


Reply: Not sure about this one either - glen

28 May, 2017:
I haven't seen anything similar to identify this spider.



Reply: Bit hard to see in the funnel web there - glen

28 May, 2017:
Hi Glen, I took the attached photo of a spider in Costa Rica but no one has been able to identify it!!! If you know what it is, please let me know. Regards, Chris



Reply: Maybe some sort of argiope from the silvery cephalothorax - glen

15 April, 2017:
Good day Here is my spider South Africa Northern Cape Kimberley Kind regards



Reply: The top view would help ID this spider - glen

11 April, 2017:
Can you Identify? NC, USA


5 April, 2017:
I saw this spider at my house, just wandering what kind of spider is this because I can't find very identical online. Thanks


Reply: Maybe one of the steatoda species but have not seen this one before!! - glen

2 April, 2017:
Hey i found this little guy on out back door step (which is covered) and cannot for the life of me find out what it is. I feel quite nervous about it. Im in auckalnd NZ. Feel free to use the pics as you see fit. I tried to get great quality images, and have him in storage overnight.



2 April, 2017:
Hi, I have never seen this spider before. Can you help me identify please?


Reply: Maybe one of the steatoda but he purple legs are different!! - glen

22 January, 2017:
Hello, I've been searching and searching, attempting to properly identify this creepy creature, but I don't trust my own diagnosis. I'm concerned bc this is the THIRD of his kind and I'm finding them in my children's bedroom, so far, each time, in my oldest son's dresser drawer, always in with his jeans. I've pulled out the dresser, found nothing. I'm afraid to search too much, that's a job for dad to do, TONIGHT. I'm afraid one of my kids will get bit, or possibly eaten. Tho this guy isn't very big, I know better than to underestimate any creature w that many legs. I've attached a couple pics, tho the one that's blown hope has lost its quality, however once blown up, showed markings not seen by the naked eye. Will somebody PLEASE identify this ugly thing for me so I can get info and find out if it's venomous?? As well as everything else I need to know to protect my kids..... Thankyou so much. I look forward to a reply!!! 😲 ~B~

Click for a larger view


Reply: Not sure if this is a spider, could be some sort of insect, really not sure - glen

22 January, 2017:
I was on a walk tonight when I found this thing- the more I look at it, the less sure I am that's it's a spider and not some weird plant debris. But there were no plants nearby [it was the middle of a big stripmall/parking lot] and this was the only thing lying on the sidewalk. since there was no other plant matter nearby, I keep feeling like it must've been a spider! I was too scared to investigate any closer than this picture though. we live on the east coast of the united states

Click for a larger view


Reply: Not sure about this one, looks a bit like a ghost spider - glen

7 January, 2017:
Hi, We've been in Botswana well over a year, and this is the first time we've seen this spider. It is on the back of a garden chair. Sorry it's a bit fuzzy, my camera doesn't do good macro, so I had to crop it heavily. Would you have any idea what kind of spider this might be? Thanks for any info, Myra