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Spider Photos - Giant Lichen Orbweaver

Here's some photos of those common Garden spiders from the Orb Weaving family.  I've broken the spider photos page up into sections as it was getting too big. As some are still unidentified, I've grouped them as closely as possible. I don't identify spiders as I am not experts and I like to leave that job to those who are. If anyone can help with identifying those that people have asked about, please email me so I can pass the info on. My apologies if there are some Araneus on pages where they don't belong but they are very hard to identify, especially from photos. Try this page for a species guide:
Please select a section.

Unidentified Spiders 2017 Unidentified Spiders 2016 Unidentified Spiders 2015
Unidentified Spiders 2014 Unidentified Spiders 2013 Unidentified Spiders 2012
Unidentified Spiders 2011 Unidentified Spiders 2010 Unidentified Spiders 2009 (1)
Unidentified Spiders 2009 (2) Unidentified Spiders 2008 (1) Unidentified Spiders 2008 (2)
Unidentified Spiders 2007 (1) Unidentified Spiders 2007 (2) Unidentified Spiders 2007 (3)
Unidentified Spiders 2006 (1) Unidentified Spiders 2006 (2) Unidentified Spiders 2006 (3)
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Spiders in Amber Closeups Ant & Wasp Mimicking Spiders
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Crab Spiders Cyclosa Conica Daddy Long Legs
Daring Jumping Spiders Dew Drop Spiders Fishing Spiders
Funnel Web (Aus) Furrow Spider Garden Orb Weavers
Ghost Spider Giant House Spider Golden Orb Weavers
Grass spiders/Funnel Weavers Ground Spiders Hacklemesh Weavers
Hobo Spiders Huntsman Spiders Jewelled Spiders
Jumping Spiders Lace Web  Spiders Ladybird Spiders
Leaf Curling Spiders Long Jawed Orb Weavers Lynx Spiders
Marbled Orb Weavers Micarathena Mouse Spiders
Mygalomorphs Net casting Spider Neoscona Semarak
Nursery Web Spiders Parson Spiders Pirate Spiders
Pseudoscorpion Purseweb Spider Red & Black Spiders
Redback Spiders Red Spotted Ant Mimic Spiders Running Crab Spiders
Scorpion Spiders Segestria Florentina Solfugids/Camel Spiders
Southern House Spiders Spider Tats Spitting Spiders
Steatoda Tailless Whip Scorpions Tarantulas
Tengellid Spiders Titiotus (Recluse look alike) Two Spined Spiders
Trapdoor Spiders Tree Trunk Spider Venusta Orchard Spiders
Wandering Spiders White Tailed Spider Widow Spiders
Wolf Spiders Woodlouse Hunters Yellow & Broad faced Sac Spiders
Zoropsis spinimana

Zygiella x-notata



Orb weavers (Araneidae) are often brightly coloured with rounded abdomens, some with peculiarly angled humps or spines. However, there is considerable variation in size, colour and shape in this group. They are often recognized for building beautiful, large, round webs, on which they rest, head downward, waiting for prey. The webs consist of a number of radiating threads crossed by two spirals. The inner spiral begins in the centre, winds outward, and is made of smooth threads like the radiating threads. It covers only the central 1/3 of the web. The outer spiral begins at the edges and winds inward. It is made of more elastic, sticky threads, coated with a liquid substance. One of the largest and most commonly encountered members of this group is Argiope aurantia, the yellow garden spider and we have photos of them on their own page. Please select a section below.
Garden Orb Weavers (1) Garden Orb Weavers (2) Garden Orb Weavers (3)
Garden Orb Weavers (4) Garden Orb Weavers (5) Garden Orb Weavers (6)
Garden Orb Weavers (7) Garden Orb Weavers (8) Garden Orb Weavers (9)
Garden Orb Weavers (10) Garden Orb Weavers (11) Garden Orb Weavers (12)
Garden Orb Weavers (13) Garden Orb Weavers (14) Garden Orb Weavers (15)
Triangulate Orbweaver Shamrock Orb Weavers Orb Weaver Spiderlings
Tropical Orb Weavers Marbled Orb Weavers (1)  Marbled Orb Weavers (2)
Giant Lichen Orb Weavers Golden Silk Orb Weavers Cat Face Orb Weavers
Araneus Alsine-like/Iviei Araneus Diadematus Araneus Nordmanni
Star Bellied Orb Weavers Furrow Spiders Arabesque Orbweaver
Araneus Cingulatas Green Orb Weavers Zygiella x-notata

Araneus bicentenarius

16 July, 2016:
Some sort of Green Orb Weaver perhaps...


5 July, 2016:
hello! i saw this spider in minnesota, USA. it was extremely small, the diameter of the abdomen was probably smaller than the diameter of a pencil eraser. i think the head might have already been chewed off by the ant-like insect that was dragging it along... my guess is some kind of orb weaver, but it's teal. the camera color is accurate to life, it's really that color teal, not green. thanks for your help!


13 March, 2016:
What kind is this


21 September, 2015:
Hi Glen, Thanks to your site, my daughter and I were able to identify this spider in our yard as a Garden Orb weaver. We live in central Texas, close to Austin. Haven't been able to get him on his web, I'll keep checking. He looks like he's wearing a green camouflage helmet :-) Thanks! Julie


21 September, 2015:
Found this blue/green beauty on my deck in Maine. He captured and wrapped up a caterpillar while I'll was watching him. No web. Thank you -Sadie


21 September, 2015:
Hey there, this big guy made his debut today off of our front porch, he's pretty good size. The only difference is the body on the front has a hard like shell. It seems to be pretty aggressive. Here's some pictures can you tell me what it is.


21 September, 2015:
I live in Hinesville, Ga, near Savannah…found this over front doorway this morning …no web..just him right above my head…another friend says Tropical Orbweaver. What might you think??? Metivier


21 September, 2015:
Saw this in the northwoods of Wisconsin US


21 September, 2015:
Could you identify the spider in the photo? It was in Olympic National Park the Hoh temperate rainforest.


21 September, 2015:
Don't know if you do this sort of thing, but was wondering if you could identify this spider. It was crawling on the ground after a heavy rain in northern Wisconsin. My brother spotted it and said, "Is that a crab?!" It had shiny black fangs that looked to be nearly 1/4 inch long. Wish I had a real camera with me. Cheers, - Kurt


20 July, 2015:
pic of spider


13 July, 2015:
I found this beauty under a old oak tree in a Web 6-7ft in diameter the Web was so strong i suspended a 12oz soda can from it.from the looks of it and Web strength I guessing it could easily be catching tree frogs. I'm located just outside tupelo ms,USA Any help would be great.


10 July, 2015:
What type of spider is this?


5 February, 2015:
I´d watch this spider in the North Sierra of Sevilla, a.k.a. "Sierra Norte", near the village of "El Ronquillo". She´s making a big web at night betwen two medium trees. Thanks and sorry for my english. Francisco

6 September, 2014:
Camping two weeks ago in Morgan-Monroe State Forest in Indiana, we saw this one. Any idea what it is? Thanks. Sean

Click for a larger view

Reply: This is a giant lichen orb weaver, it's blending in well with the rocks and lichen around it - glen

16 August, 2014:
Hello, Just wondering if you could verify what type of spider this is? I was thinking it could be some type of orb weaver or furrow spider. Thank you. ~Gina

Click for a larger view


24 July, 2014:
Can you please tell me if you can identify this spider. It was on my azalea bush in Georgia.
Thank You.


18 July,  2014:
Thanks for being a good sport. pics are taken around here. See! we do have real spiders! We are still getting a kick out of the "Chinalimus"! Wes


10 July, 2014:
We found this in a pine tree. What kind of spider is this?  

Reply: This is a giant lichen orb weaver - glen

19 June, 2014:
Was doing some hiking in Oklahoma on my sister's property. This was in a tree we were just walking by. I didn't want to disturb it so this is what I was able to get. Hope you can help me out with this picture. Thanks,

Click for a larger view

Reply: I think it's a giant lichen orb weaver -  glen

2 April, 2014:
Found in Lynn, Texas please help me identify m best guess Arabesque Orbweaver (Neoscona arabesca)

Click for a larger view

Reply: This is a giant lichen orb weaver - glen

25 September,  2013:
Found on the outside door of my shed.

Reply: This is a giant lichen orb weaver - glen

25 September,  2013:
Found in southeast Oklahoma. Large, intricate web attached to a tree. (

Reply: This is a giant lichen orb weaver - glen

25 September,  2013:
Creepy spider on my doorway :'(

Reply: This is a giant lichen orb weaver - glen

25 September,  2013:
What is it?

30 July, 2013:
My husband and his father found this spider in southwest Arkansas. And we were wondering what it is. They tried to Google it but couldn't find anything about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Natasha

30 July, 2013:
What kind is this I'm in texas

Reply: This looks like a giant lichen orb weaver  too - glen

16 June, 2013:

Reply: This looks like a giant lichen orb weaver  too - glen

21 July, 2012:
Hi was wondering if you could identify what kind of spider this might be. It was nesting in our outside light fixture. I thought maybe a Orb-weaving or a black house spider. Friends were telling me they thought is was a Banana spider. Can you tell by the picture attached what this might be? Thank you Maggie

Reply: This looks like a giant lichen spider - glen

13 July, 2012:
aw this spider in the ladies bathroom of Elkmont Campground in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg. I have been trying to identify what type of spider that it is. Can you help??

Reply: This is a giant lichen spider - glen

4 June, 2012:
Glen, My name is Larry. My wife Lynda and I live in Kyle TX. South of Austin. We ran across your website, very impressive set of photos, looking for a picture to verify what type of spider we found in our backyard. We are pretty positive it is a furrow spider. The colors we much better in the daylight. I've sent picture including a penny to give it some scale. Hope you like it and would and it to your colection. Thank you Larry the way we let it go to eat more bugs.  


Reply: This looks like a giant lichen spider - glen

24 May, 2012:
Hi, I found your website through a google search to try and identify the spider in the attached photograph. I can't find anything... I live in North Carolina, in the southeastern US. If you could help I would really appreciate it! Grace  


16 July, 2011:
All the pics I've seen are HUGE Orb Weavers.... and NOT this color.... Found at my campsite in Wellston, Michigan. No web, just hanging around on the picnic table which I was utilizing. I 'shood' it away, and the next morning he was on my paper towel roll. TINY. MAYBE 5mm in width.


12 July, 2011:
Hi, I love your website. I come to it often with pictures and questions to find out more about spiders. I recently ran across both these spiders in the woods in Georgia. The green one was rescued from the inside of a jeep, and the other took up the entire road from tree to tree. The second was about the size of a Kiwi fruit, and the green one's body was the size of a red grape then add his legs on. They are very intimidating, but with the help of your site I have found most are mostly harmless, thankfully. If you have any idea what kind they are it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time. Jacob

10 October, 2010:
This spider decided to make its home in my pants at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon could you help me identify it. Also is it poisonous? It's body was almost the size of a ping-pong ball. Thank you, Todd, Phoenix, AZ


7 October, 2010:
I was hiking in the opal creek area of oregon when I took a picture of this spider. I can't seem to id it. would you be able to to id it. would you be able to help?


21 August, 2010:
Hi there! We live in Tallahassee Florida and recently ran in to this guy. No one I've shown it to seems to know what it is. Do you? Thank you! Dave


2 August, 2010:
This spider was on my porch. Anything you could tell me would be helpful. Thanks. Lindi
Reply: This could be a male giant lichen orb weaver - glen

21 May, 2010:
Hello Glen, I love the site. I look at it all the time, and now I can identify quite a few species of spiders. Here is one that has totally stumped me. It's about 2-3 inches long and 1 and a half inches wide (including legs.) The body is about 1 inch long and about a 1/3 to 1/2 inch wide.

Reply: This could be a giant lichen orb weaver - glen.
1 March, 2010:
Hi Glen, While in Canada (Nova Scotia) I took these spider pictures. I was hoping that you might be able to help me identify them.  8757a and 8758 are of the same spider. It was quite high up between the wires (orb web – large spider – some sort of orb weaver) 8810 was a large round bodied spider (orb web below not in picture), thought it could be a marbled orb weaver.  What do you think? Thanks, Tracy

21 August, 2009:
Can you please help me try to identify these spiders? My friends and I have been looking around ourselves but come up with nothing.

30 July, 2009:
Hello Glen: I have never seen this type of spider before and i have lived in fla. all my life. This is a big spider. I have two kids, is it poisonous? I would just like to know the name. Thank you so much for your help. I live in Jacksonvile, florida. Great web page! Thanks again! karen

29 June, 2009:
This spider was lurking on a wooden beam outside a cabin in Northen MS. A very woodsy area. I've never seen a spider like it before - and hope to never see it again. Could you help identify it? Thanks -chrissie

24 October, 2008:
I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of spider this is I found it at our camp in Carney,MI if you know what kind it would be very helpful.

7 September, 2008:
Hi, I hope you can help us identify this spider? It is on the roof of our sauna in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It spins a very large web. Kim

10 August, 2007:
Hi, This lovely specimen was found under our deck rail.  It stayed for a few days.  It had an abundant supply of dragonflys which were mating in huge numbers.  After a few days it disappeared.  I think it looks very similar to Sarah's spider from Saint Amant, Louisiana.Thanks, Gail

8 August, 2007:
Hi, We found this spider on our shed. Thanks to your website we may have identified it. Is this the Giant Lichen Orb Weaver?
Thanks, Sarah, Saint Amant, Louisiana

Reply: I think this is a giant lichen orb weaver but not positive.
July, 2007:
Hi Glen, This guy is the size of a quarter discounting leg span. Found at night in the beech/maple/oak woods near a lake in Michigan. What the heck is it? This should be easy to identify for real etymologists. Thanks. -Chris

17 July, 2007:
Hello, I live in East Texas and I found this spider around my porch. Could you please tell me what kind it is? Thanks, Delyla

8 July, 2007:
Hi Glen, this is the first time i've visited your page. I stumbled across it trying to identify a spider I photographed at my Aunt's home. I've attached some photos of it, could you help me please. Ashley, Leblanc, Louisiana

Nice photos, click for a larger view.

26 June, 2007:
I have some lovely pictures of some spiders i found in the garden, The first is of a female orb weaver , i even got a good shot of when she  flipped over. Blondie

8 October, 2006:
one of us thinks this might be a wolf spider but is not sure. the rest of us don't have a clue. It was found in Sitka, Alaska last night in an employees house.

30 August, 2006:
Hi I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of spider is living near my hanging basket? I was thinking it's an orb weaver but it doesn't really look like the pictures on your website, now that we've gotten a closer look at this picture:


27 August, 2006:
This spider was found in my mother's yard in Sedgwick, Maine. We have lived in Maine for over 30 years and have NEVER seen this kind of spider before. When stretched out, it is bigger than a silver dollar and as you can see, it is a beautiful turquoise green. We have many kinds of spiders in our yard, but this year has been the year for first-timers. I have been unable to find out anything about it on any sites I have been on. If you have any idea what kind of spider this is, I would love to know. The spider is relatively hairless. You have my permission to use this photo.

Thanks, Tina


13 August, 2006:
Hi, my name is Nate. I have recently discovered that we have MANY of  these spiders spinning webs around my house. I live in Stevensville  Michigan which is in the southwest corner of the state. I have
attached a couple of pictures of my spiders and was really hoping you  could tell me what kind they are. Feel free to e-mail me back at
this address if you have time.( Thank you so
much! Sincerely, Nate Huff


20 June, 2006:
Hi Glen, I was wondering if you could please tell me what kind of spider this is? I am at a loss. I have been searching the internet all day long and still I can't decide. Please write back with all of the info you have. Thank you so much, Suzzette B. Toups

28 December, 2005:
Hi there, I just wanted to share these photos from the South River, Ontario area, just off Highway 11. We're pretty sure this is an orb weaver as we found on this website. I'm happy to have you share with those who ask.
Happy Holidays! Renee

23 October, 2005:
Hi I live in queens,ny I took a photo of this spider outside my window I was wondering if you could tell me which kind of spider it is and if its poisonous.


-Casey Morgan

13 October, 2005:
i took this pic at my friends house here in cape cod and was wondering if you could help me identify this spider attached is a pic of the spider thanks joe

15 August, 2005:
Could you please tell me what kind of spider this is?
thank you

15 August, 2005:
Hello, I found this spider in our backyard a couple days ago. (See attached .pic)
With a new born baby, I'm getting worried about any "lurking" dangers. Do I something to fear with this spider, or is he just helping us kill mosquitoes (which is another problem)? Any assistance in identifying this creature is much appreciated.
San Francisco,

15 August, 2005:
Hey Glen,

This fellow/lady was found outside our office window about 25' off the  ground. The shot was taken from inside the building. I'm not sure which  category this Orb Weaver belongs to, perhaps the Shamrock. Sorry, I should have mentioned the location: Markham Ontario, Canada in  an industrial area!

Mark V.


Reply: This is a giant lichen orb weaver.

25 July, 2005:
My son found this spider on a web that was in Mid air in the middle of the yard. The web was circled, and attatched to the grass and to a tree about 50 ft up. Ive never seen a spider weave a web in the air like this. Can you tell me if this is a orb weaver?
Becky Sutton
Farwell, Michigan


29 July, 2005:
My younger brother found this spider in our doorway and I wasn't sure what kind of spider it was. I was hoping you could help with identifiying it since from your site its obvious you've helped so many other people! It would be greatly appreciated.
Thank-you , Sincerely Gina Carr


Reply:  Yes that is Araneus bicentenarius, the "giant lichen orbweaver".

June, 2005:
Hello: I walked out of my back door through a very thick web and looked up to  see this huge spider. I searched the web and finally found it on your  website. I noticed your pictures are from different places around the  country. I am in Texas and I have never seen one of these before (giant  lichen weaver). I don't know why, but we have seem to have had a sudden
outbreak of spiders, especially jumping spiders, they are everywhere! I  have attached a photo for you if you wish to see it. Thanks

Reply: Yes it look like a Giant Lichen Orbweaver. It is not dangerous so no need to kill it.

12 June, 2005:
Hallo, This one has a web on our balcony and I've been thinking about killing it  because I am a little afraid for my kids, if it slips inside the house.  I found a similar one on your website, it said it is giant Lichen  Orbweaver. Mine is about 1-1.5 cm long in body (without the legs), brown  and comes out at night. What is it and should i kill it? Rossitsa Petrova


11 June, 2005:
Nice website! Thought I'd send some spider pics to you from east TN and west NC. I think the pics are funnel web spider, lampshade spider, garden orb weaver,  and a fishing spider. Greg

Click photos for larger view


Reply: That is Araneus bicentenarius, the
"giant lichen orbweaver". It is harmless - Nathan

6 June, 2005:
Hello!! Please tell me the name of this horrid-looking spider. Is it poiseness? Can I release it? Thanks so much. I live in New Braunfels, Texas.


4 November, 2004:
HEY THERE! I LOVE YOUR SITE! I’m Josh and I live on the mainland of Venice Italy. I found this little guy on a HUGE beautiful web by the trashcan.